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A game with new didactic materials for media
The ThinkTwice project aims to create opportunities for competence development in the field of digital literacy and tackling disinformation. It also aims to target and support all major actors across the education system:

Competence development
of learners and educators

Capacity building
of education providers

Policymakers making
decisions on curricula content

Initial and CPD
education of teachers

To create

an innovative tool in the field of digital literacy to tackle disinformation

To develop

competences and the capacity building of educational providers and learners

To design, test and implement

Think Outside the Box Game, thus creating new didactic materials for media and digital literacy development

To support

institutions in integrating digital-age learning and media literacy into their overall mission, vision and strategy.

Think Aloud
Modular Workshop Concepts

• Development of Workshop concepts
• Educators Webinars and pilots

Think Outside the Box Gamification of Media Literacy

• Think Outside the Box Game
• Think Outside the Box
Gamification Guide for Educators

Think Up
Supporting Education Providers and Educators in Developing Digital and Media Literacy

• Think Ahead – A Guide for Education providers on creating their digital and media literacy action plan
• Think For Yourself – 3 MILCompEducator micro-credential proposals outlining the profile of a media and information literate educator in primary, secondary and adult education

Think Big
Promoting Digital
and Media Literacy

• Media Literacy Days Network
• National Media Literacy Days
Events (20 participants each)
• News and newsletters


Educators working in formal learning:
• primary, secondary or adult education
• university students in a teaching track


Learners of various ages:
• children aged 8-12;
• teens;
• adults

Education decision-makers

– institutional level (school managers, education managers, principals/heads;
– regional/national level (governmental public bodies overseeing primary, secondary or adult education).


as a whole through the production of a social media campaign